Developed automated workflow
So here's the thing. 
There is a certain group email that receives all sorts of notifications related to the user accounts for one of our SaaS. When a trial starts, or is canceled or expires. When a standard account is canceled or expired. Stuff like that. 

Now, from time to time, some of those accounts are of interest to us because they are also clients of ours for other services. So it is very useful to learn when their account status changes. 

We had two options
  1. develop some feature in the SaaS for this. But this would mean taking dev time away from other features that are important to all of users;
  2. hack a way on the existing workflow.
And yes, using a combination of email filters and Slack Bot, we now have a dedicated channel where we are notified of the status of certain accounts. 

Less emails for everybody. Less spam. And filters to keep the notification levels low enough. 

I think it's a win :D